June 12 2016 - Sign One - Bottom $ Single (Cassette)


  1. Juktilar
    On 10 Speed, I’ve combined the bottom of a cs with the top of a CS-M cassette. I used 14,15,16,17 from the cs and 19,21,23,26,30,34 from the cs-m One series of the HG ramps are well aligned in between the 17t to 19t cogs. I have not noticed any oddities in shifting.
  2. Mokazahn
    The notation you've noticed simply means that for one of these cassettes, the smallest sprocket has 11 teeth, the largest has 32 teeth. And the second cassette has smallest sprocket 12 teeth, largest sprocket 25 teeth. So these numbers are basically the "range" of gears covered by a cassette.

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