Robin (Toutouwai) - No Artist - Birds Of New Zealand (Land And Sea) (Vinyl, LP)


  1. Tushakar
    The forested mountains of New Zealand’s South Island are home to a famously mischievous alpine parrot. But human conflict, deliberate feeding and the deadly threat of invasive mammals is driving the species’ decline. This year, it was uplisted from Vulnerable to Endangered on the IUCN Red List.
  2. Dairamar
    Toutouwai/Robin Breeding on Mt Taranaki. The birds are among 50 robins released into the area in April this year, and are the first species to be re-introduced by environmental project.
  3. Kazrasar
    The North Island robin, also known as toutouwai, is a friendly and trusting bird and is found in both native and exotic forests. The North Island robin often come close to people, and occasionally stand on a person’s boot. North Island robins measure 18 cm from beak tip to tail tip, and weigh.
  4. Nikole
    8 Facts About New Zealand Robin. Most of the native animals of New Zealand have several names – the common name, a Maori name, and the scientific name. Sometimes they are the same and some times they’re different. The Maori name for the NZ Robin is Toutouwai. There are actually 3 different species of Robin in New Zealand – the North.
  5. Yogami
    The New Zealand Robin or Toutouwai (Māori), Petroica australis, is a sparrow-sized bird found only in New Zealand, where it has the status of a protected endemic species. The birds are sparsely distributed through South Island and Stewart Island/Rakiura, although the distribution is not continuous. The South Island Robin (Petroica australis australis), and the Stewart Island Robin (Petroica.
  6. Vukinos
    Few land bird species Only 91 of New Zealand’s native birds are land birds. (These numbers include recently extinct species.) The rest are wetland birds, shore birds or seabirds. This is unusual, as 90% of the world’s birds are land birds. Part of the reason.
  7. Tauzuru
    The New Zealand robin has a grey-white patch of feathers above its beak that it keeps hidden most of the time. Toutouwai is friendly and trusting, and will often come to within a .
  8. Marn
    The birds of New Zealand evolved into an avifauna that included many endemic species found in no other country. As an island archipelago New Zealand accumulated bird diversity and when Captain James Cook arrived in the s he noted that the bird song was deafening.. The mix includes species with unusual biology such as the kakapo which is the world's only flightless, nocturnal parrot which.

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