Having It - The Cortinas - Punk Rock Anthology (CD)


  1. Faesar
    Nov 12,  · Punk rock’s origins are often the subject of debate. Depending on the source, it could have been a rebellion against the establishment, a reaction to the pompous bloat of prog-rock, a form of expression born of a kind of primal simplicity, or simply a way to .
  2. Goll
    Jan 25,  · THE CORTINAS/Punk Rock Anthology: Available NOW THE CORTINAS. PUNK ROCK ANTHOLOGY. AVAILABLE NOW "While The Cortinas had released a handful of fiery Punk singles, my first introduction to them was on the low-priced compilation album Permanent Wave alongside bands such as The Only Ones, After The Fire, Masterswitch and The Spikes.
  3. Mizilkree
    By , the writing was on the wall: Punk rock might have been making headlines, but it wasn't moving units. The industry responded with the skinny tie bands, retroactively labeled New Wave, a.

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