Poison Counter - Casual (4) / Crybaby (6) - Secret Audio Club Wax Packs (Vinyl)


  1. Kazikasa
    Feb 17,  · Number Of Channels: Common name for a complete amplifying stage in any audio amplifier. Most amplifiers aredenominated as 1, 2, 4, 5, or 6 channel units. Each of these is a discrete audio amp on its own, capable of taking a small line signal input and amplifying it sufficiently to be heard on an appropriate speaker.
  2. Akimuro
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  3. Mesida
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  4. Nazilkree
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  5. Zulkilkree
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  6. Mezragore
    The reviews on this list have one of the following things: 1) a distinctive, critical point-of-view; 2) a historically-informed or detail-oriented approach; 3) an engaging personal experience related to the recording; 4) generally excellent prose; and, 5) a sense of humor. The reviews are placed in alphabetical order by artist (then in chronological order of release if more than one recording.
  7. Tugami
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  8. Gashakar
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  9. Dazshura
    one of 4 x 4 x 6-packs of matso's ‘broome in a box’ Courtesy of Matso’s, Rock Candy has 4 x 4 of their fab 6-packs – collectively known as ‘Broome In A Box’ – to give away.

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